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GSP Rescue (SW) have now registered with Easy Fund Raising to raise money for our organisation.

We hope you will use this free service when you shop online.

Once registered, everytime you buy from a site registered with Easy Fund Raising, a donation will be made to our rescue - and it costs you nothing!

All you need to do is register at (which only takes a minute and is free). In the first box 'Charity / Organisation' type in GSP and then search - then select GSP Rescue (SW).

Then each time you want to buy something on-line, login to Easyfundraising first, and then use the links to go to your chosen retailer.

There is a wide range of retailers registered with the scheme (with more being added daily). These include big sites like Amazon; M&S; Comet; etc. to more specialist sites like the dog insurance specialists PetPlan etc.

Some retailers will donate a percentage of your order value to the rescue (like M&S), and others will donate a set sum. The level of donation any retailer offers is listed on the site.

Over 2000 retailers are listed, and you pay the same prices exactly as if you visited each retailers website directly.

A good way to remember to use the site is to make it your home page.

We will update our website to show the amount raised by this initiative at the end of each year.

It costs you nothing apart from a little thought - so why not make a difference today and register as above.

Thank you for your support.
More information about our fund-raising activities (including the availablility of GSP Resce (SW) merchandise) can be found on our re-homing forum:-