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If you are interested in Adopting a GSP, please complete and submit the form below - Thank you

Email Address:
Please enter your full address - including post code
Contact phone numbers (landline and mobile please)
Have you contacted GSP Rescue (SW) previously - if so when?
Do you currently own, or have your previously owned a GSP or an HPR? If so, for how long and your level of experience.
Are you looking for a dog or a bitch? I am looking for a dog
I am looking for a bitch
I am looking for either
What sort of age dog are you looking for? 12 months or less?
1 to 2 years?
3 to 6 years?
No preference?
Please detail who lives in your household (humans that is!)
Please describe your property - is the garden properly secure? (You would need 6' fences as many GSPs can jump/climb lower ones).
Where will the GSP be kept? Indoors as part of the family?
In kennels?
Please advise how long the dog would normally be left i.e. do all adults work full time, etc. GSPs are known to suffer from SA, so are not an ideal dog to be left alone for long periods of time.
Are you prepared to train / re-train the dog? Please explain what training you would be willing to undertake.
Have you any other pets living in the home? If you have other dog(s), please advise if they are neutered or not. (Please remember, that not all GSPs are compatible with cats!)
Please tell me any more about yourself and your lifestyle and what would persuade me that you could offer a perfect home to a rescue GSP.
Please note that if you adopt a dog through us we do ask for a donation to GSP Rescue (SW) which will be normally 150.00 (although that may be varied according to the dog in question), Finally, please indicate that you accept our rule that all GSPs rehomed will have to be neutered within 6 months of re-homing should they still be entire (unless males < 1 year who should be neutered at about 18 months), providing the necessary veterinary proof once that has taken place. I agree and accept
I do not agree with this rule
If there is any other information you would like to provide, please give it here. Thank you.

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